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Indianapolis: An Underrated Destination for Traveling with Friends

Indianapolis is not only known for its NASCAR heritage but can also be a fun destination for friend groups looking for a good time. As someone with a mixed friend group, I find Indianapolis to be the perfect place that has activities for the entire friend group and decided to build a trip around what […]

A Foodie’s Guide to Seattle: The Best Places to Eat in the City

If you’re a foodie who loves to travel, then you should add Seattle to your travel bucket list. Seattle has a ton of great places to eat, and the city is known for its seafood, fresh produce, and cheeses. Besides Seattle’s signature seafood dishes, the city is home to restaurants serving a variety of food […]

Dream Trip to Honolulu

When most people think of a vacation to Hawaii, the first thing to come to mind is probably relaxing on the beach. There are a ton of great places in Honolulu to chill on the beach and get some sun, but the city has a lot more to offer with activities and cool places to […]

Art and Cowboys: The Modern Frontier in Oklahoma City

When thinking of cowboys, many people instantly think Texas. Then maybe Arizona and New Mexico. Cowboy culture, however, is also deeply rooted in Oklahoma. This guide will take you through some of that culture as well as introduce you to the many artistic ways Oklahoma as grown as its made its way through their Modern […]

DIY Walking Tour of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city with a lot of history, and each of the city’s neighborhoods has its own distinct role in the city’s history. This guide highlights five of New Orleans’ historical neighborhoods: the French Quarter, the Garden District, the Arts and Warehouse District, Mid-City, and Tremé. The walking tour outlined for each neighborhood […]

Family Getaway Guide to Washington D.C

Washington D.C is a great place for a little weekend trip with your family. Our nation’s capital can be a center for learning and discovery by visiting some of the amazing museums, memorials, and monuments that surround the D.C area. I remember when I was about 8 years old, I went to D.C with my […]

Starstruck in Savannah: A Guide to Film Locations

Savannah is not just a place of Southern charm, but also one of the most gorgeous cities out there. Many movies and television shows have been filmed there. This guide is here to show you the ropes and make you feel like you stepped into each film yourself. Midnight in the Garden of Good and […]

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