Tripvector is masquerading as a travel design tool, but our ambitions are way bigger.

About us
Beautiful illustration by Tubik Studio

Travel is magical, but most travel companies aren't

Before every trip, the planners among us scroll through endless blog posts and listicles imagining the excitement we'll feel when we arrive.

However, for something so core to the human experience, travel has a whole lot of logistics. In a new place, conflict over deciding what to do can strain relationships and threaten to take the fun away. The pressure to feel a sense of wonder and make life-changing memories can be overwhelming, especially if you only get one precious trip a year. For nomads or frequent travelers, there are many strategies to build community and keep yourself grounded and feeling good, but it's a constant balance.

Most apps out there focus on smoothing out a logistical issue, or getting you a deal, and while that will happen with Tripvector...the long-term mission is to bring the magic.

That means asking...

What do you want to feel when you travel?

After spending 2.5 years building a tool for making trip planning easier, I realized that all this hunting around for ideas and recommendations is just trying to match the feelings we want to have with places in the real world. So why not flip it around?

Instead of another Tripadvisor or top 30 places to visit scattered all over the city listicle, Tripvector will help you ask what memories do you want to have, and then make a plan based on that. In the background, we'll calculate what is open when, and what makes sense to do together, so you can focus on deciding if you'd rather go on an invigorating hike, or people watch at a cafe.

How does the magic happen? Glad you asked.

Open source destination guides created by humans, but with AI superpowers

Both locals and travelers will be able to contribute to a living guide that adapts to what it learns from the people who use it. Instead of star ratings, search by the vibe or feeling you want to have each day, and recommendations will pop up based on what you're already doing.

The idea is to make crafting a plan so easy that if you throw it all out because something even more amazing happens, it's not even a thought.

A high quality travel network of badass events and people

When a notification about an event pops up on Tripvector, you'll get excited because you'll know it's going to be solid. We're building relationships with locals and businesses who will connect you to the real pulse of your destination.

Imagine landing in a new city and making friends at a rooftop dinner, at a startup launch event, or a secret dance party in the woods. Yes, please.

But Tripvector isn't just about joining in, it's about letting travelers create community as they're moving through the world. There's a saying about the two ways lives generally change: through the books we read and the people we meet. Vetted community members will have access to more trust-based features like suggested introductions to other nearby travelers, the ability to create meetups for the community to join in on, and first dibs on limited invite events. More chances to form meaningful connections with people who might transform your life.

Turning the idea into reality

“Sometimes magic is spending more time on something that anyone might reasonably expect.”
- Teller