Dreamy Vacation in Santorini Greece

Cassidy Callen
Cassidy Callen

Greece is a place right out of a fairytale. Each Grecian island submerged in beautiful beaches, lavish hotels, staggering views, and delectable food and drinks. Santorini is a place to really relax and unwind in peace surrounded by stunning island scenery while treating yourself to all the baklava and wine this beautiful country has to offer.

As for COVID-19 restrictions, Santorini is set to fully open by the end of May 2021. If you are fully vaccinated, you are free to explore the country in the presentation of your card. If not vaccinated, a COVID-19 test will need to present a negative result when arrived in Greece. If the test comes back negative there is no quarantine period, if positive, there will be a 14-day quarantine period.

Things to do

Greece is all about what you want to do and the vibes for which you are going for, because no doubt, Santorini has all the things that would make a getaway perfect for you and your travel companions. I do suggest renting a car while you have you island stay on Santorini, as the whole island only takes around 40 minutes top to bottom to cross, so having a car gives you a lot of free reign when it comes to exploration. Remember! There are no Ubers or Lyfts in Santorini! With that tip in mind, here are a couple of my favorite Activities/Things to do in Santorini Greece.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Dive Center is truly a fun and memorable experience. Santorini is not known for its white sands but rather its rockier red sands, so if beach time is high up on your list of must-haves, I would suggest visiting another Grecian island that would be accommodate bigger and softer beaches. However, with its crystal-clear stead water, it is the perfect place to go snorkeling, and if you are up for it, scuba diving. Santorini Dive Center gives snorkeling and scuba diving tours and lessons right on Caldera Beach.  

Santorini Volcano and Hot springs boat tour is a one of a kind unique to Santorini experience. Santorini view offers an array of different cruise/sailing tours throughout their website. One of their most popular is the Santorini Volcano and Hot Springs tours that takes you on luxury sailboat for an all-day excursion. First stop is to the Volcano bay where they let you explore the active craters of the Santorini Volcano. Next stop is to the island Palaia Kammeni where you can sit and relax in the Grecian hot springs that are said to have lasting therapeutic effects. On the way home, dinner is served on board where you get a stunning view of the Santorini Island and gorgeous sunset view.

Volcano and Hot Springs Boat Tour

Santo Wine tastings and tours are on the list of activities because it is a true scenic and active experience. Santorini offers an array of unique grapes harvested from their special volcanic soil making for the creation of special and novel tasting wines one could not get elsewhere. Their tours offer a learning experience, taking through the Santorini cliffside vineyards explaining their individual wine making process.

Where to eat

I could list and explain Santorini food all day and never get bored, but for your sake, I will restrain myself and give you two must-go places.

Aroma Avlis is classically jaw-dropping. The views of caldera beach will stun you into a period of complete bliss as you sip your delicious wine and stuff your face with all thing’s authentic Mediterranean food. Its interior, think classic white meets beachy Grecian wood and stone making it a beautiful combo of clean and comfortable. With an extensive mouth-watering menu and yummy wine list they have options to suit all your traveling pals.

Alai Restaurant is arguably the best restaurant in Santorini. Alai is bougie, for lack of better term, but also extremely romantic and special. Suiting for smaller table sizes, your table sits beside an infinity reflection pool while also being on the cliffside for those insane ocean views. Alai is a luxury experience from entrance to exit, demonstrating top tier white tablecloth dining. Their menu is prized on their fresh catch seafood and Greek dishes that will be sure to impress.

Alali Restaurant

Where to stay

On the map you may notice a few hotels during your stay in Santorini. Switching hotels is a way to explore more island and stretch out your budget. Instead of not being able to enjoy the grandeur of some of the top-tier hotels and villas in Santorini because of their pricing, I suggest hotel rotating and only booking the higher budget places for only a night or so. This is not necessary, but only a tip if you desire to experience more than what your budget allows.

One of the most lavish hotels sits cliffside Fera, Santorini, may tempt you into never leaving your suite. Athina Luxury Suites lives up to its luxury name. With Grecian but modern white cave vibes, its interior and marvelous views make it a standout. They offer an array of different suite styles that include individual made-to-order breakfast and private indoor/outdoor pools and jacuzzis. This place is pricey, but you get all the bells and whistles you could ever want or ask for.

Athina Luxury Suites

Volcano View Hotel is also an awesome option. It is a cheaper option with great deals, and you get way more than what you pay for. Immaculate views are included, as well as the classic Santorini white walls blue roof style. Volcano View includes a restaurant and a spa for a convenient place to quickly treat yourself to a nice massage and tasty stuffed grape leaves.

All in all, I hope you enjoy you Dreamy Santorini Vacation guide. Remember, the guides are always customizable on the trip vector app to make your vacation a more personal experience. Tag us on Instagram @tripvector if you take any awesome pics if you visit anywhere mentioned on the guide, we would love to see! Happy vacation planning!

Cassidy Callen
Cassidy Callen